Dam that ice!

Ah, fall in Michigan (it is still fall, you know). The wind is blowing, the air is cold, the ground is covered with 8 inches of snow, and the water is flowing into our basement. Our old friend the ice dam has arrived!

I went downstairs to do laundry today and splashed when I stepped off the stairs. Not a good sign. A quick look showed water coming in at a pretty good clip. It’s coming from the front corner of our townhouse where it joins to the unit next door. Our unit sticks out about 3 feet farther than the next one, and that corner has been full of icicles all week despite the fact that workers kept coming out and beating on it (generally during naps). The water is running down the basement wall and dripping from the floor joists. It looks like the subfloor is getting pretty wet.

It actually isn’t a big deal, though. We caught it quickly, before much stuff had gotten wet. Since it’s coming in right at the bottom of the stairs, it’s not in an area that we use for storage. Most of the stuff anywhere near there is up on shelves. And since it’s a rental, any structural damage isn’t our problem. Of course I called maintenance as soon as we discovered the problem. Their response was basically, “Oh well. Not much we can do about it.” They’re going to send the “gutter guys” on Monday. I assume they’re the ones who have been beating on the roof all week. I’m sure they’ll be happy to see that all their hard work paid off–NOT!

We’ve got lots of experience with ice dams (read: $15,000 in damage to our first house), and it’s really nice to really not care about it this time. We’re just making sure to keep our stuff out of harm’s way, and the rest is up to management.