Digitizing slides

Tim has always been partial to taking slides rather than print pictures. Sure, they have great color and resolution, but looking at slides is a pain. And as a scrapbooker, I find them pretty useless, except for the fact that we have some great images on slides.

There are companies that offer slide-to-digital transfer services, but they can get expensive when you’re talking about converting hundreds of slides to digital images. Our scanner is kaput, and even when it worked, it didn’t do slides well at all. So we came up with another way of digitizing our slides using our digital camera. If you’d like to see how we did it, click here.

The digitized images need help, though. I’m partial to Picasa for simple fixes and enhancements, and I’m learning my way around GIMP for more complex stuff. I used GIMP to create the banner images that are at the top of our blog and website, as well as tweaking most of the photos on our web site. They’re both great programs, and both are free. Picasa is from Google (what isn’t these days), and does a great job with minor fixes. GIMP is basically an open-source version of Photoshop. And did I mention that they’re both free? If you like playing with images, you should check them out.