Happy Halloween!

We took the girls out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with our new friends and neighbors, Kristina and David and their girls, Madeline and Annalise. We had a great time, although there still aren’t very many people living in the neighborhood so it was a lot of walking past empty/under construction houses. We turned on our porch light after we got back, and had exactly one group of kids come to our door. I think the two humongous bags of Tootsie Rolls I bought are going to last us a while!

Monday there was a Halloween party at the girls’ preschool. I could tell Bethany had been thinking when on the way home, she spoke up and said in a very knowing tone, “I know that Halloween is not really about pumpkins and candy–it’s about God!” I had to break it to her that not all holidays are about God and used the example of the 4th of July. Then she asked what Halloween actually is about. Ummm… dead people? Vandalism? Extortion? I didn’t want to freak her out, so I told her that it’s just about having fun, and pumpkins and candy. Sounded good to me.