Here we go again

I know, it seems like I just moved the blog to WordPress such a short time ago. But I was really wanting to get it off WP’s servers and onto our own (okay, my brother-in-law‘s if you want to be picky about it). But here it is, looking all nice and shiny-new, and still driven by (just not hosted by) WordPress.

Simultaneously, we’ve gone live with what I’m calling “ v3.0.” Check it out at! There’s a whole new look and feel and updated content. I’m pretty proud of the fact that I didn’t use FrontPage or any other web design software for this one. Thanks to a great CSS template from DCarter (and a matching WP theme), I was able to do all of the work in code. There’s still no way I could start from scratch that way, and I’m still a long way from feeling like I know what I’m doing in html, but I was able to get it done.

Although I was able to get XHTML and CSS validation (yay!), I’m sure there are still a few bugs in the system. If you find any, please let me know so I can fix them. If you don’t, you can let me know that too. 🙂