Got Milk?

Many years ago, my mom and I started a tradition of getting together for one day every December and baking cookies. We think we started doing this around 1990 or 1991, but we can’t remember exactly. For the past few years it’s been a half-hearted effort (when we even tried at all), since having little kids around made it pretty difficult.

Now that the girls are all in school, we have re-instituted Cookie Day. My parents came over from Tampa on Tuesday afternoon; mom and I made our shopping list and went out Tuesday evening to get everything we needed. Wednesday morning around 8:45 we started baking. We finished around 4:00.

The nearly 29 dozen cookies and 8 pounds of candy we made. Not pictured are almost 4 dozen chocolate-dipped dried apricots that we did as an afterthought. We set a personal record for our most productive Cookie Day ever.