My parents went to Disney World with two other couples a few days ago (so they’re all kids at heart). One of the other couples was separated from the group on a ride at the Magic Kingdom, and it took about 10 minutes afterward for them all to meet up again. In this 10 minute period right after getting off the ride, this other couple was approached by a Disney Cast Member and told, “You’ve won a night at Cinderella’s Castle for yourself and five friends!” You just read that correctly: my parents’ friends won the “Year of a Million Dreams” daily grand prize! But get this: THEY TURNED IT DOWN. Once again, you’ve read that correctly: my parents’ friends said no to a night in Cinderella’s castle.

I guess they’ve been getting a lot of calls from resorts and time shares with the typical “You’ve won a free night at our resort, but you have to sit through 18 hours of sales pitches” type of calls and thought this was the same kind of thing. How they hadn’t heard about this promotion in the huge media blitz that’s gone on for the past year I don’t know, but somehow they’d missed it. And so they missed out on something that any other person in the park that day would probably have given their right arm to be able to do.

The Cast Member was stunned. No one had ever turned them down before.

By the time the group reunited, it was too late. A release form had been signed and it was all over with. All except the relentless teasing they had to put up with all day from their friends, especially my dad.