Lump of coal!

Our kids have been just AWFUL to each other for the past couple of weeks. Even Santa-related threats have been ineffective. For several days before Christmas, every time they’d start to get after each other Tim would say, “Lump of coal…” in a really ominous voice. It became a bit of a joke–they were even saying it to each other after a while.

Christmas eve, Tim went to the railroad tracks near our home, where the trains take coal to the local power plant. The coal is transported in big open hopper cars, and bits fall out all the time. He picked up a few pieces of coal for the girls, and that was the first thing they found on Christmas morning! They all knew it was a joke, and seemed to think it was pretty funny.

While we’re on the subject of Christmas, etc., can I just say that Santa Claus does not end with an “e”? “The Santa Clause” is a movie. A clause is a word or group of words ordinarily consisting of a subject and a predicate (thanks, Wikipedia), or a part of a contract. Claus is the name of the guy in red. I think everyone who misspells it should get a lump of coal!

(Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.)