Sunny Daze

It is a beautiful, gorgeous morning. The sun is shining, there is a cool breeze coming in the open windows, we’re on our way to a high of 78. Ahh.


The girls are sick. At least two out of three are. Ellie was fighting a cold for most of last week and finally lost the battle yesterday. She was pretty miserable yesterday afternoon, and woke up with a sore throat and cough this morning. Bethany also woke up with a sore throat, cough and fever today, so she’s home from school (Micah and Ellie don’t have school on Mondays). Micah is fine… so far. Oh, and Tim came home yesterday from his trip to Austin with a cold, too. We are counting our blessings, though. We have many friends who are or have been sick. There are some nasty, nasty bugs going around here right now, some that have taken whole families down for a week or more.

To put a little fun in an otherwise boring day locked up at home, I decreed a pajama day for the girls. And, I let them paint.

So we won’t be able to be out enjoying the beautiful day. At least I know there are more to come. Spring in Orlando is a wonderful thing. Beautiful weather, plus the smell of orange blossoms in the air. You just can’t beat it.