Imogen Heap remix

Imogen Heap made some leftover vocal tracks available for anyone to remix. It sounded fun and her voice is pretty awesome. I knew that most people would record some instrument loops and make it into the pop tune that it was intended to become. So I didn’t!

One of the lines is “It’s all in the process”, so I took that as my guidepost and only edited and mixed using functions in the “process” menu in Cubase. So there are no loops/delays/reverbs/EQs/VSTs/MIDI instruments or triggering. No quantization…nothing except hundreds of individual edits.

That being said…now that I’m done I’d like to go back to square one and plan it out a bit better. there are a couple sections that I’d like to tighten up or cut to keep things moving forward a bit better.

But it was an experiment in doing something a bit experimental and a fun use of a couple hours.
Oh, and apologies for the bad sound quality of youtube. It really mangles it but what can you do.