School plans

I have just about everything ready for the start of our upcoming school year. Of course everything is open to change, but here’s what I’ve got planned. Bethany will be in 4th grade, Ellie and Micah in 2nd.

Tim teaches science, math and piano. He’s going to be using Real Science 4 Kids Pre-level 1 biology with all three of them, and CLE math. I think he’s still figuring out what levels he’ll use for math.

I think we’ll probably start in another week or two. I haven’t decided yet if we’ll just jump right in with everything or start slowly. I’m leaning toward jumping right in. We’re doing quite a lot more than we have in the past, so I expect our school days to be an hour or two longer than before. The girls aren’t thrilled with this, but they are looking forward to starting Spanish and art which are both new for us.