It’s no Tangled Tower but it’ll do

Today is my Ellie’s 9th birthday. We’re not doing a birthday party for her this year, but I still wanted to make her a special cake. She’s absolutely crazy about Harry Potter right now so I decided to do a cauldron-shaped cake.

There wasn’t much to it, really. A cake mix, a can of dark chocolate frosting, and a can of coconut-pecan frosting (like you’d use on a German chocolate cake). Yes, I cheated. But I’m solo parenting this week so I gave myself a break. I have a couple of fluted tube pans, which are kind of like small Bundt pans. I baked the cake in those two pans. Turned them out and after they cooled, cut the rounded top off one of them. That cake became the bottom half of the cauldron, sitting on the cut part. I stacked the other cake on top of it (frosting in between of course), then put the cut-out circle on top for the rim of the pot. Frosting that was a pain; it just wanted to crumble. If I’d planned ahead I would have frozen the cakes which might have made it a little easier.

Dark chocolate frosting on the whole mess, then spooned the can of coconut-pecan into the hole in the middle for the potion. A few sour gummy worms for effect, and done. It’s nothing fancy, kind of a mess if you look closely, but she’s really happy with it. And that’s all that matters to me. 🙂

(Note: Tim has our camera in Thailand, so this was taken with my phone. Sorry for the poor quality.)