New day, same old city

This weekend, a big step toward our move to Chiang Mai: Tim and I are taking a motorcycle safety class. To be honest, I’m really nervous about this. My motorcycling experience is limited to time spent on the back of my dad’s touring bike over the years. That’s loads of fun, but hasn’t exactly taught me anything about how to ride on my own. I hope I don’t do anything catastrophic.

We already have a motorcycle waiting for us in Chiang Mai, a Honda Wave 110. I was hoping for a scooter (which I find a lot less scary), but Tim’s happy to have a real bike. He’ll be doing the vast majority of the riding anyway. We’ll be getting a car which will be my primary transportation. But still, we thought it was important for me to know how to ride safely for the once-in-a-while that I will be riding.

Can’t you just picture me on one of these? 

The girls will be spending the weekend with my parents at their place in Tampa. I’m not sure what’s in the plans other than possibly some pool time and church on Sunday. But I’m sure they’ll all have fun together. There won’t be many more opportunities like this.

Oh, by the way… welcome to our new blog.