Oh. Em. Gee.

Half hour (?) songtheow ride.

90 minutes of Buddhist ceremony with 10,000+ of our closest friends.


Tens of thousands of balloon lanterns released. Amazing sight.


Total freakout from child who is afraid of fireworks.

More lanterns. Wow.

More fireworks. Whoa.

More freakout.

Long walk back to songtheow.

Wait 30-45 minutes to even get in the songtheow as traffic isn’t moving.


an hour and 15 minutes in the songtheow

in an EPIC thunderstorm.

More freakout from child who is not only afraid of fireworks, but also thunderstorms.

The driver attempts many “shortcuts” which lead us to dead ends, down two-tracks through pastures, and who-knows-where-else before finally getting us back to a main road…

all during the EPIC thunderstorm.

Traffic signals out on the main road.

Near misses in traffic. Storm abates.

Finally get home to a neighborhood that was hit by the storm: trees down, power patchy, a real mess.

(It’s nearly 11pm.)

Dog (who doesn’t have enough sense to get out of the rain) freaks out in her joy to see us.

Of course the windows were left open (as always).

Puddles on the living room floor.

Puddles on the bedroom floor.

Dripping curtains.

Fragments of leaves stuck to the screens on the second floor.

Exhausted children.

Exhausted mom.

Epic night. 🙂

Pictures to come.