Preventing Cyberattacks

Network security is the umbrella term given to the strategy, practices, and software that protect your business systems from cyberattacks. The main problem with most businesses today, both in the United States and internationally, is that they aren’t taking reasonable measures to improve their level of security. Since almost all the attacks come from outside the country or country’s network, reducing the number of vulnerable systems on your network makes you a target.

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Identifying and addressing software bugs is important in order to maximize the security of your company (visit Fortinet to learn why). However, you can’t always be sure when or where the bug has been introduced in your software. Also, the presence of software bugs in your software, which cannot be fixed or adjusted, is a warning that something is wrong within your system and you need to address it immediately. Once the bug has been identified, you need to check if it is currently being exploited. In cases where exploits are identified, you can adjust your security to ensure that the exploit won’t be used again and that it won’t create other security vulnerabilities. This will cost money, but it’s very important for your business. For example, you might decide not to exploit the vulnerability again because you’re taking proactive measures to protect it.

Preventing hackers from getting into your network can also be beneficial to you. This is true especially when dealing with systems that are running production-level software and/or systems that have other user accounts that the attacker could use to create other opportunities for attack. You should prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to other users’ accounts.

Keep your personal data on an encrypted hard drive

If you store your personal information on a public web server, remember to lock the login window when you’re not using it. Keep it closed when you’re at home and unlocked when you’re at work. You may need to protect this access for your employees to access it in case they need it for work.

Keep your personal data private

Encrypt your hard drive using a trusted, third-party application, such as TrueCrypt. If you are storing files on an external hard drive, choose one that encrypts all of the data in a disk folder.