Alternative Security Agreements

2. Such an agreement should not affect the level of security of other vessels or port facilities not covered by the agreement. (ii) the Coast Guard to the finding that a modification is necessary to ensure the safety of a vessel or facility. The Coast Guard will inform the applicant in writing of an alternative security program and invite the applicant to propose changes to all issues mentioned in the notice. Applicants have at least 60 days to submit their proposed amendments. 4. These agreements are subject to periodic review, taking into account experience, as well as any changes in particular circumstances or assessed threats to the safety of ships, port facilities or routes covered by the agreement. 1. The United States may enter into a written agreement with other contracting governments on alternative security arrangements, including short international travel on fixed routes between entities under U.S. jurisdiction and U.S.-based entities, in accordance with Chapter XI-2 (assigned to 101.115). (2) a safety assessment of the type of vessel or facility; 1. Owners and operators of vessels and facilities who must have safety plans in accordance with the provisions of Parts 104, 105 or 106 of this sub-chapter, with vessels other than those under Chapter XI of the SOLAS, may meet the requirements of an alternative safety program, which has been reviewed and approved by the captain (CG-5P) , to meet the requirements of Part 104, 105 or 106. , if any.

1. As part of the application of this chapter and Part A of the ISPS code, contracting governments may enter into written bilateral or multilateral agreements with other contracting governments for alternative security arrangements on short international routes on fixed routes between port facilities located on their territory. 3. Owners or operators who have implemented an alternative safety program must send a letter to the plan authorization authority, in accordance with parts 104, 105 or 106 of this sub-chapter, in which they determine the alternative safety program they have implemented, identifying vessels or facilities that implement the alternative safety program and fully complying with these measures. A copy of this letter is kept on board the vessel or stored in the facility it is located in, along with a copy of the alternative safety program and a report on the safety assessment of a vessel, facility or external continental shelf established in accordance with the alternative safety program. 2. The owner or operator must fully implement an approved alternative security program to be considered to be in compliance with Parts 104, 105 or 106. (1) a list of the type of vessel and installation to be used in the alternative safety program; (c) the adoption of alternative security programs. They must provide the Control Line Commander (CG-5P) for review and approval of the alternative security program and the following information, the relevance of the proposed alternative security program: (f) The Commission Commander (CG-5P) will review each bid to verify compliance with this part, and either: (4) explanation of how owners and operators should implement the alternative security program in its entirety.

, including an operational and specific assessment and verification of ships or implementation facilities.