Partnership Agreement Between Nonprofits Template

Our target groups for the site are lawyers and legal clinics working with non-profit organizations, whether on a paid or pro bono basis; Lawyers who usually look for precedents; Law educators; and those interested in developing legal documents. First, it is often difficult to find standard legal documents for non-profit organizations. Several organizations, such as Z. O. Public Counsel, provide excellent business governance models, and tax sponsorship and other documents can be found by searching the internet. But it can be difficult to find examples of other documents, particularly materials related to non-profit programs and other activities that apply specifically to non-profit organizations. We wanted to start by filling that gap in the resource base. As stated in the terms of use, we do not provide legal or tax advice, do not offer mutual aid advice or substantial legal information on this site. Users of the site should also understand that we practice in California and that we have created the use documents by California non-profit organizations that are our clients. We do not guarantee that they reflect existing legislation or that they are otherwise comprehensive, let alone that they are fit to be used in a given situation. Thank you for your proposal. Below is the project I have developed based on your proposals. Willamette Valley (UWMWV) and Yamhill Community Care Organization Early Learning Hub (YCCOELH) Introduction: This partnership agreement formalizes a common goal of United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley and Yamhill Community Care Organization Early Learning Hub, providing transportation and gas vouchers to people who do not need transportation for medical appointments, human services or , or job interviews, orientation appointments, education courses, parent teacher appointments and other social service appointments in Yamhill County and nearby environments.

This will improve and support the work of non-profit organizations that work directly with this target group.