Ptptn Agreement Set September 15, 2014 Top Stories PTPTN loans are subject to an Upah (Ujrah) package of 1% per year. The net monthly income of the household is subtracted with the number of dependent people (1 dependent – RM250) Have you almost completed your degree? After less than a year, decisions that seemed distant suddenly find themselves at our door and push us to decide what our next step will be. Should you immediately start looking for a job and join the 9 to 5 hours of work? Or you should still direct the book. Educational loans are reserved for students of the OUM , UNITAR, Wawasan Open University and Asia E University unfortunately, no. The loan is not available for pre-university programs such as A or IB. In addition, the loan is open to students by level of study and by type of higher education institution: to apply, eligible applicants must send these vouchers to the PTPTN delegate of your college/university. The photocopy should be only A4 size and one-sided. The actual amount of the loan is determined by tuition fees and the cost of living on the basis of the applicant`s father/mother/guardian, but not above the maximum amount indicated. Borrowers who have failed, dropped out, changed course or received other sponsors must repay the lump sum of their loan. The weather-breaking method will not be proposed for this type of case. The duration of the credit repayment is based on the total amount of the loan taken out: Travel restrictions may have temporarily snubbed your study plans abroad, but that`s not exactly the end.

Thanks to the internet, you don`t need to be technically out to study abroad, especially if you can study online with “Virtual Study Abroad” programs. Stop it. The amount of education funding is determined by the net income of the guardian, after deducting the number of dependants. For students applying during the second semester, you must send additional documents such as: Good news for students. UIAM, UiTM, UMP and UPSI open their second admission for PMS and STPM/setaraf students for the 2020/2021 academic session. The application must be submitted directly on the university`s websites, NOT through the UPU.