Serbia And Kosovo Agreement

With or without amendment to the Serbian Constitution, it is not possible for northern Kosovo to repeat over and over again that it rejects the Belgrade-Pristina agreement, but that it is also a normal part of the Serbian legal and administrative system, because Belgrade entrusts it to the authority of Pristina. The North is thinking of three options. It can submit to integration into the Kosovo system and strive to expand the space of autonomy it offers them. It may declare its independence in order to negotiate a better agreement with one or both states that claim it. Or perhaps, on his own initiative, without formal explanations, undermine and obstruct the agreement where he can, and hope for a renegotiation. With the new agreement, Serbia and Kosovo also agreed to call the Lebanese resistance movement and the political party Hezbollah a terrorist organization as a whole. Hezbollah, democratically elected to the Lebanese parliament, has no relationship either in Serbia or in any relationship with Serbia or Kosovo. The recent agreement negotiated by the United States on economic cooperation between Belgrade and Pristina and the resumption of talks between the two sides, supported by the European Union, are positive steps towards reconciliation and lasting peace, the UN Supreme Representative in the Balkans said in a teleconference video conference hosted by the Security Council on 21 October. Serbian leaders have signed an agreement in Washington to promote the realization of the so-called “Serbian world,” which risks opening the Pandora`s box throughout the Western Balkans region, writes Filip Milaéi. With regard to the above points, it is clear that what was signed on 4 September in the Oval Office is not a bilateral agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, but a mutual commitment on their part to serve Trump`s re-election in the November us presidential elections in the United States, as well as a commitment on their part to align with the foreign policy objectives of the United States. Indeed, after the glittering signing ceremony, Trump tweeted in the Oval Office: “Another great day for peace with the Middle East – Kosovo and Muslim-majority Israel have agreed to normalize relations and establish diplomatic relations. Well done! Other Islamic and Arab nations will follow soon! Not only is this tweet bordering on ridiculous, but it has also angered the socialist opposition party Vete-Vendosja and other Islamophobic groups in Kosovo, who quickly denounced the fact that Kosovo was not an Islamic or Arab nation, but a strictly European and secular nation.

Diplomatic talks brokered by the United States agreed on the interconnection of air, rail and road transport, while the two sides signed the 2020 agreement on the normalization of economic relations. Kosovo and Serbia should be part of the internal market, known as the mini-Schengen area. In the discussion that followed, the members of the Council generally welcomed the recent agreement on economic normalization and the resumption of EU-backed talks. Many delegations called for greater participation of women and youth in the peace process, while calling for unity between both sides in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They also exchanged views on the role of UNMIK, with some insisting that the mission be reviewed, including a reduction option. On 19 April 2013, the two governments concluded the Brussels Agreement,[32] which was seen as an important step in normalising relations and would enable Serbia and Kosovo to make progress in European integration. [27] The agreement aims to force both states to “not block the other side`s progress on the EU`s trajectories or to encourage others”. [32] The agreement provides, among other things, a special police commander (commander appointed by Pristina on a list submitted by the Serbs) and an appeals court (according to Pristina`s laws and procedures) for the Serb minority in Kosovo, but does not constitute an acknowledgement of Kosovo`s independence by Belgrade.

[27] The agreement on the Serb communities in northern Kosovo does not contain any specific provisions