Winnipeg Free Press Collective Agreement

Unifor Local 191 announced on May 13, 2017 that it had found a “Made in Manitoba” solution that will be an addendum to its current collective agreement. In the event of a trigger, staff would provide for a salary reduction of between 8 and 4% depending on the level of staff. A controversial public servants` pay stop law was overturned in June by Manitoba`s Court of Queen`s Bench for violating the Freedom of Association of Public Servants under the Charter. The government made this decision in the Manitoba Court of Appeal. The agreement reduces the pay rates of the higher-paid Tier 1 category of pay by 20%, while the wages of Tier 2 workers decrease by 12 per cent or the minimum wage depending on the highest time. Four years ago, the 21-day strike took place, although the faculty and administration agreed to a slight increase in wages and commitments to cope with workload and protect employment. Although the agreement was not perfect, it was enough to put the university back into service. To submit a letter: Fill out the form on this page, or e-mail, or Mail to the Editor, 1355 Mountain Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2X 3B6. Since the collective agreement and the end of Pallister`s wages, wages have remained below the market, while tuition fees have increased (3.75 per cent in 2019, or about $10 million), enrolments have increased and provincial transfers in education have increased. In April, the U of M announced that it had raised $626 million in its Front-Centre campaign. “In this exceptional context, the government`s collective bargaining mandate is for the parties to focus on an immediate two-year horizon, based on a zero per cent increase for each of these two years,” Finance Minister Scott Fielding and Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton wrote in a letter received by the Opposition NDP. 9:21 p.m.: Correction: In the Lede in history, the university is facing a third strike in its history, unless an agreement is reached. Indeed, if no agreement is reached, the institution will face its fourth strike in the history of the university.

Under the terms of the endorsement, management will not be able to make salary reductions until April 1, 2018 at the earliest.