Your Agreement In Portuguese

c. Security checks: You are responsible for assessing your company`s security requirements and selecting and implementing security procedures and controls (“security controls”) that can reduce your vulnerability through security incidents. We may provide security checks as part of the services or offer to implement certain security checks. However, your responsibility for the security of your business will not be affected by the security controls we put in place or that we propose and if you feel that the security checks we provide are insufficient, you must implement additional separate controls that meet your requirements. You can check some of the details of our security checks on our website. Please note that, as explained in Section D.3, you are responsible for any losses you may suffer if lost or stolen payment information or accounts are used to purchase products or services. Stripe does not insures you against losses caused by fraud. For example, if someone claims to be a legitimate buyer but is a scammer, you are responsible for all costs, including litigation, even if you do not restore the fraudulently purchased product. Even if we work with you to help you or law enforcement recover lost funds, Stripe is not liable to you or is responsible for your financial losses or other consequences of such fraud. Protecting, safeguarding and maintaining information processed and processed through services is one of our top priorities, and it should also be yours. This section describes our respective obligations to process and store service information. The following terms used in this section refer to data Stripe has provided from you or your customers, which you have obtained or accessed through your use of the Services: z.B. Revocation of Consent: Due to the nature of the services, you cannot use the Services without accepting the electronic transmission of communications.

However, you can revoke your consent to receive messages electronically by cancelling your Stripe account. On 17 July 1998, a “protocol for amending the spelling agreement for the Portuguese language” was signed in Praia (Cape Verde), which removed the deadline from the original text, although it was necessary for all signatories to ratify the agreement before it came into force. Once again, only the dignitaries of Brazil, Portugal and Cape Verde approved this protocol. You can only submit a fee through the payment processing services authorized by your customers. In order to be able to process by transaction for you, you authorize and direct STEL, the payment agencies and the method of payment acquire to obtain and settle all payment settlement revenues due to you through payment settlement services. You may not grant or transfer interest on payment settlement revenues to third parties, except under financial or payment terms (defined below) until the proceeds of the payment settlement are paid into your payment account (as defined below). You appoint STEL to your agent for the limited purpose of management, has accepted, keep and will settle such revenues. You agree that STEL`s receipt of such revenues is in accordance with the obligations of the final customer concerned to make payments to you. We will immediately update your Stripe account balance to reflect the revenue STEL receives on your behalf. You can use the Services to download or publish text, images and other content (together “content”) on your Stripe account and on third-party websites or applications, but only if you agree to obtain appropriate permissions and, if necessary, licenses to upload or publish such content through the Services.

You agree to reduce any fees, fines, losses, claims and other costs that we may bear from the publication of illegal content about the services or allegations that the content you have published