Family Partnership Agreement Goals

is flexible enough to adapt to more information or new family challenges. c) individual family partnership services. A program should offer personalized family partnership services that: Your Family Advocate is here to help you set the goals of your choice and using community services that can help you achieve those goals. Goal planning is a tool that helps you achieve your goals for you and your entire family. (2) help families achieve individual engagement outcomes; The objectives outlined on the Individual Partnership Agreement Form are our immediate and measurable steps that trace much of our interaction with parents. All families have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing family partnership and a targeted process. This process begins with the assessment of strengths and needs, which usually ends upon admission. The assessment can be carried out on the basis of parental preference in the place of residence, centre or community. As part of the family partnership process, staff should provide parents with the opportunity to develop a family goal that includes responsibilities, schedules and strategies to achieve these goals, as well as documentation of follow-up/follow-up measures (family contacts) (1) cooperation with families to identify the interests, needs and aspirations associated with family commitments described in paragraph (b) of this section; (3) establish and implement a family partnership process, developed and shared with parents, in which staff and families review the various progress made, review objectives, assess and pursue the needs and objectives identified, and, where appropriate, continually adapt and, where appropriate, strategies; We help focus our efforts on the main priorities of family needs; The information collected in the Family Partnership Agreement, as well as the information contained in the progress notes, daily notes and information on the file management sheet must be synchronized. The objectives must be formulated in a measurable way, i.e. that after a certain period of time, there will be evidence that the objectives have been achieved or have not been achieved. The Family Partnership Agreement is a document that can give us an eye on the sky or a complete overview of the family`s needs. However, this document is not a “panacea” or a healing potion.

It is only a resource that can give us an introduction to the dynamics of a real family within a real community. This instrument cannot work better than the employee who uses it. These are just words on paper or on a computer screen. This is a good and complete list of possible needs, but to be effective, it must be accompanied by a caring and sensitive person.