Individual Service Fund Agreement

An Individual Service Fund (ISF) is an agreement whereby a local authority transfers to an organization of its choice the funds agreed for an individual`s assistance and assistance agreements, in order to enable the person to control how his assistance is organized and provided. An EWB is a kind of personal budget. The organization has a “two-way agreement” with the individual to determine how their EWB is managed. The ISF can be used flexibly to provide support – such as payment for services in the community, services from other providers or ancillary technologies – as long as it meets the results identified in the evaluation of the Personal Care Act. The provider will use the individual service fund to organize services and support for you with your consent. With an individual service fund, you will have the choice and control of your help without having to manage the money yourself. Read the information in Easy Read about how much money you can get to pay for your care and support. Employees who have opted for an ISD receive training and resources to support the process. The organization must regularly report to the individual how their budget is spent.

Affinity Trust is setting up a small number of EWB drivers to test and develop the EWB model. We are now able to work with people with mental disabilities and/or autism with personalized service funds in Wakefield. The person chooses an organization that holds their EWB on their behalf. An individual service fund is where you choose a supplier and not the Board or yourself to manage your personal budget. The organization works with the individual (their family or support circle, if any) to design and implement support through the ISF. A personal budget is the amount that the City Council has spent on its support. The Care Act states that there are three ways for a person to take a personal budget. If the person`s support needs to be changed, the organization can make the change immediately without waiting for confirmation from the person`s social worker. An Introduction to Individual Service Funds (Credit: Helen Sanderson Associates) The local authority pays the EWB directly to the organization.

The money is protected, so it cannot be spent on anything else. Easy Read Guide to Individual Service Funds (Credit: Dorset County Council) The local authority has a flexible contract agreement with this organization so that it can keep the person`s budget.