Socad Student Agreement

4 Preparing the student agreementPrepared by the SOCAD-Hochschule for all military students who want to obtain a bachelor`s degree College writes student contracts for all handbook-listed Core College diplomas can write “open network” student conventions Who should get a student agreement? All active members of the National Guard Armed Service, Reservists (active duty and not) spouses and college age children of serving members (active or reserve component) A SOCAD college may establish a student agreement for military students in other services of SOCAD schools that are not LOI schools are all their conventions socad students in the traditional way; SOCAD colleges, which are law schools, can establish electronic student agreements on GoArmyEd for fully developed degrees in the GoArmyEd and SOCAD student conventions for all other degrees. The SOC Degree Network System (DNS) consists of a subset of SOC consortium member institutions selected by military services to provide certain association and licensing programs to service members and their families. Institutional members of the DNS SOC agree on specific requirements and obligations that allow military students, their spouses and university children to obtain a university degree without being lost due to changes in academic recognition. 5 Prepare the Student Agreement (Cont) How to conclude Chapter 4 of the traditional student agreement of the DNS-2 or DNS-4 manual, contains detailed instructions that are also available on the SOCAD website The form itself can be downloaded from the SOCAD GoArmyEd electronic SOCAD Student Agreements website if the student has an account in GoArmyEd (currently: active soldiers and reservists) , either a traditional SOCAD student agreement or an electronic SOCAD student agreement is required by the GoArmyEd system If the conclusion referred to in the GoArmyArmy portal is fully developed, Socad College uses interface procedures for student contracts for the electronic drafting of the socad-student agreement. The next slides show how SOCAD student conventions are handled, law colleges with questions about their SOCAD student conventions should discuss these issues with their academic association. to discuss a problem with the SOCAD student agreement or the problem of home college: members of the service must identify the institution that serves as the original college. This home school develops a student agreement with the service member. 2 SOC DNS Student Agreements (SOCAD Student Agreements) Contract for Degree Counseling Tool Recognized across the Services In many ways, the Student Agreement is center of the DNS process. This consulting tool, recognized in all departments, is also a concluding contract between the student and the institution. The SOCAD convention is a paper document; The form can be downloaded from the SOCAD student agreement is also integrated into GoArmyEd SOC DNS is a college program system developed by SOC for army soldiers and adult family members. The networks are made up of groups of higher education institutions and universities that have agreed to accept each other`s courses in a given curriculum. Students can move freely between higher education institutions in a network without being reassessed or considering whether the courses are being broadcast or not.

SOC DNS-2 is the associated graduate network program; SOC DNS-4 is the bachelor program. SOC DNS-2 and SOC DNS-4 Colleges offer students the opportunity to obtain a university degree without losing credit, as the service often changes. Higher education or higher education programs are delivered or made available to them in most military institutions around the world. A manager can use the SOC-DNS network system by contacting a local Army Education Centre (AEC). The Army Board of Education helps the Soldier select programs, support studies and transfer to a SOC DNS college or university.