2007 Aia B101 Agreement

The rights of contractors to use the service instruments are defined in section 1.5.2 of AA A201-2007. Contractors are limited to using the documents for the execution of each contractor`s workload, as specified in each contractor`s agreement with the owner. The Contractor may not use the instruments of the Service for other projects or for work outside its performance on the project, unless the owner and architect give their written consent to such use. The document AIA A201-2007 General Conditions defines the different forms of work products prepared by the architect as “service instruments”. The rights of the owner to use the service instruments are defined in AIA Document B101-2007, a standard form of agreement between the owner and the architect. Section 7.3 of this document grants the Owner a non-exclusive licence to use the Service`s instruments for the construction, maintenance and modification of the Project. This license allows the owner, contractors and suppliers of materials and equipment to use the instruments of the service to carry out the project. The owner and architect should indicate the specific termination fees in the owner-architect agreement. The owner is aware of these additional costs before terminating the architect for convenience and may take this amount into account in his decision.