City Employee Confidentiality Agreement

The former city official said they did not remember a single employee who was fired for leaking information to a journalist. “Every city employee must review all the ethical rules and acknowledge that he or she checked them when they first board — including positions at the town hall, and this goes back at least to Koch,” said the former city official, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. [UPDATE // 18:00] In a statement, Karen Hinton, the mayor`s press secretary, said, “The mayor`s office did not ask a city employee to sign a privacy protest that goes beyond what they signed when they hired or left the administration.” The form itself refers to two subsections of the municipal charter that prohibit public servants from disclosing urban businesses unless they are “conduct that the official knows or reasonably believes involves waste, inefficiency, corruption, criminal activity or conflict of interest.” I protect the confidentiality of all confidential information, including network system information on computer configurations and security settings, both during my stay in the city and after leaving the city. All confidential information remains the property of the City of Chattanooga and may not be removed or retained from me when I leave the City unless permitted by city guidelines or specific agreements or arrangements for my work as an advisor, contractor or seller for the City. On April 27, hours before it was learned that several of his top councillors had been summoned into joint federal and state investigations into his fundraising practices, Mayor Bill de Blasio called city hall employees bullped for what one employee called “the most depressing pep conference.” I understand that I have access to information to perform my duties with the City of Chattanooga (“City”). This information may include, among other things, information about computer configurations, security settings, personnel, research, and financial and commercial companies in the city. Some of this information is treated confidentially by law (e.g. B health information protected in accordance with the Federal Law on Portability and Liability of Health Insurance) or by the guidelines of the City of Chattanooga. Confidential information may be available in any form, for example.

B in writing, electronically, orally, listened to or observed. Access to all confidential information is granted on a need-to-know basis. A need-to-know is defined as access to the information necessary to perform my work. At a press conference on Thursday, Blasio`s mayor again hinted to reporters that the leak of the national election commission`s report, which prompted investigations into his campaign fundraising practices, was a political attack on him. The board member, who forwarded the report to a Daily News reporter and a Republican spokesman in the State Council, had worked as a Republican aide for 16 years; the author of the report was appointed by Governor Cuomo. “All City employees sign a confidentiality agreement when they are hired and when they leave, as has been the case for many years,” Hinton said in a statement. “This is a common practice in both the public and private sectors. Reminders of these and other employment practices are regularly published by agencies as they are useful. “City employees sign a similar document when they are hired, but a former city official who has worked under several administrations told us there is no precedent I have ever heard of for a second signature like this.” PROMISE OF CONFIDENTIALITY FOR CONSULTANTS, CONTRACTORS OR VENDORS WORKING ON URBAN NETWORK SYSTEMS Karen Hinton, the mayor`s press secretary, declined to comment on our copy of the letter because we refused to reveal its origin, but said no employee would be fired because he passed it on to a journalist, because it is a public document, which could be obtained under the state`s freedom of information law….