Sophos Service Agreement

3.1 Evaluation. You may only use the software for evaluation purposes in a test environment without payment of a fee of up to 30 days or such other period as determined by Sophos at its discretion. The Software is made available during such evaluation period and clauses 3.3 and 5 below do not apply to such evaluation. 3.2 License Term. This End User License Agreement applies from the date of acceptance described in the first paragraph of this End User License Agreement, or from the start date, whichever is earlier, and will remain in effect either until the expiration date set forth in the Appendix or, if your license is renewed, The expiration date of your renewed license, according to a schedule provided by Sophos (and if no date is available). This agreement will continue forever, although your right to use the Licensed Products depends on your payment of annual royalties) or until termination in accordance with clause 11 below, whichever occurs earlier. If you wish to renew your license, please contact Sophos or your reseller, distributor or reseller. Its obligations under this End User License Agreement with respect to Sophos` intellectual property and confidential information apply even after the expiration or termination of this End User License Agreement. 3.3 Rights. In consideration of payment of the royalty by you, Sophos grants you a non-exclusive right to use the Licensed Products and to obtain maintenance for the term of the License, in accordance with the terms set forth in this End User License Agreement.

You have the right to use 3.3.1 the Licensed Products for internal business purposes, including with respect to the integrity of your systems, networks, documents, emails and other data (“your internal business purpose”). The number of users authorized to use the Licensed Products for internal commercial purposes must not exceed the number of user licenses. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the limitation on the number of users does NOT apply to YOU IF YOU ARE AN EDUCATIONAL, HEALTH OR GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY OR WITH RESPECT TO AN ENCRYPTION PRODUCT LICENSE. INSTEAD, THE FOLLOWING RESTRICTION APPLIES: THE NUMBER OF COMPUTERS ON WHICH YOU CAN USE THE LICENSED PRODUCTS FOR INTERNAL BUSINESS PURPOSES MUST NOT EXCEED THE NUMBER OF USER LICENSES. You are fully responsible for users` compliance with this End User License Agreement….