U Haul Lease Agreement

We recently awarded a moving grant to two U-Haul clients to help them pay for their move. Overall, customers were satisfied with U-Haul`s pricing and service, although there were two small issues along the way. You can read all about your experience here. He booked a truck of uhaul to take my disabled son and daughter-in-law to their new home. I did everything online and received the app 24/7. When we arrived at the pickup, the merchant closed early. Activated the UHAUL app Our credit card denied us access to a truck! Allegedly for an unpaid invoice in 07 (it`s now 2019!!) We know that the bill was paid by our Atty for an almost fatal car accident. No sympathy, no understanding, and now we have to wait for the money they took to be released! I will NEVER rent U HAUL or recommend it. If something happens to your car, because Uhaul employees do not inform you of the best safe and damage-free move, they will deny you and avoid you until the claim expires or they close it. A week before I left for Uhaul, in Concord, I saw if my car could qualify for something that would help my move. I told them I was going to go from Pittsburg, CA to Norcross, GA, and they said my car was fine and they had to order a clutch for my car because there wasn`t one on site to register my car.

Then they attached the trailer to my 2015 Nissan Versa. My dad and I barely made it to Kingman, Arizona, before my gearbox went out and the car was completely cut off when I got off the highway for the weight of the trailer. It took about 10-15, just to turn it on and off again and again to leave the highway safely. TAKE YOUR CHANCE AND TAKE A TRIP ACROSS THE COUNTRY TWICE OR USE ANOTHER COMPANY.