Wsu Consortium Agreement

Upon receipt of your consortium agreement application form, the Financial Aid Office will create an agreement between Wright State University and your host school. The agreement will then be sent directly to your visiting school for approval. If approved, the Financial Aid Office will review your financial support and pay eligible bonuses to your student account based on your registered credit hours combined with Wright State University and your visiting school. On our Important Dates page you will find the payment details. Your financial support will count first in your Wright State University balance. If any financial aid remains at Wright State University after your balance has been paid, it will be refunded to you. You can use this refund to pay your balance at the participating school or to pay yourself out of pocket for any expenses incurred to cover your credit at the participating school. If your visiting school`s bill is due before you receive your help, you must make payment arrangements with your visiting school to avoid penalties. It is your responsibility to pay the school bill for your visit. Consortium Agreements Because students can only receive support at one institution per academic semester, WSU may enter into a consortium agreement with another institution if one of our WSU students enrolls in an approved program between WSU and one or more other eligible institutions during the same semester.

For more information on consortium agreements, please contact the WSU Financial Aid Office. Make an appointment with your Wright State Academic Advisor to complete Section II of the Consortium Agreement Form. Your financial aid and scholarships may be reduced or cancelled due to a consortium agreement for financial assistance. See Registration requirements for scholarships. Section I – To be completed by the visiting student. Note that a consortium agreement only applies to one term. Section II – To be completed by the host institution. The financial aid office of the school attended by the student must complete Section II. By completing this section, the host institution undertakes to provide grade certificates at the end of the semester of the class the student has taken. Receiving these transcripts for each semester determines academic progress at the University of Idaho.

The participating school must submit the completed form to the University of Idaho Student Financial Aid Services office. These agreements are provided to assist students attending more than one qualified institution at a time. The goal is to ensure that you receive all the financial assistance for which you are eligible. You must contact the WSU Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to determine your eligibility. If you are interested in attending another law school as a guest student, please determine if the other school is willing to participate in a consortium agreement with WSU Law School. .