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Ain't no cure for the wintertime blues

Poor Micah’s getting homesick. She went out to play in the snow with her sisters this afternoon, but came back in after not very long. She looked dejected.

Once I got her out of her wet, snowy things I found out what the problem was: homesickness. I took her in my lap in front of the big picture window and we watched the falling snow. I tried to cheer her up:

Me:  Isn’t the falling snow pretty?

Micah: No. It just blends in with the sky and I don’t like the color of the sky here. It’s too dark. I want to see the sun.

Me:  Well, you could imagine we’re inside a snow globe. Isn’t that kind of fun?

Micah (with a “duh” tone of voice):  No. This is too big to be in a snowglobe. There can’t be houses and trees and things like that!

Me:  Sure there can, there could be a snowglobe with a little house in it…

Micah: Not with a door, and a window and everything!

Me: Okay… look at the tree across the street, next to the white van. The snow makes it look like it has cottonballs on it!

Micah: I’d call it a dirty van, not white. The snow just makes it look dirty.

Our conversation continued like that for a little longer, with me trying to cheer her up and her refusing to be cheered. I finally gave up. Gee, I wonder where she gets that attitude from?

We are looking forward to our last few days here and more time with friends and family, but we’re also looking forward to heading home this weekend.

Chillin’ out

Here we are in Michigan! We arrived on Thursday after driving straight through, something we’ve never done before. It worked really well. We left home on Wednesday around 4:30pm, stopped for dinner, then got the kids ready for bed. They slept for close to half of the trip, which makes for a lot less time for “Are we there yet?” We got here early Thursday afternoon and were greeted by about six inches of snow on the ground.

The girls have loved the snow. They’ve spent a lot of time already playing out in Granny and Granddad’s yard with their cousins. It’s really been fun seeing their reaction to it. They were totally amazed by the icicles at a McDonald’s we stopped at for breakfast in Kentucky. When we arrived in Michigan, the first thing Bethany did after getting out of the car was gingerly touch the snow. “It’s soft!” she said in awe.

If you’re going to be in southeast Michigan over the next week and a half or so, we’d love to see you. Drop us a note or give us a call so we can set something up!

Catching up

I keep telling myself that I’m going to post to this blog more. I really do neglect it terribly, and if anyone is still reading it I apologize for the lack of attention. Tim and I are both on Facebook on an almost daily basis so you can definitely keep up with us there.

Our server got hacked a while back and I’ve been putting off going through the blog to make sure everything still worked. I finally did it tonight and I think I’ve got everything back in order. The hacker destroyed our newsletter archive, but I’ve got it put back together now. The latest edition (which just went out today) is even there. You can click on “Newsletters” in the drop-down menus at the top of the page to find it.

We’ve been homeschooling again this year, and things have been going pretty well. Bethany’s in 3rd grade and Ellie and Micah are in 1st. Our mornings are kept very busy with things like parts of speech, diagramming sentences and learning about ancient civilizations. Tim teaches math and science, for which I am so thankful. It’s really worked out well. The girls seem to like it for the most part, although we do get occasional complaints of “I wish I were back in public school!” When I remind them that they wouldn’t be able to spend most of the afternoon playing if that were the case, they usually change their minds and are back on board with homeschooling. We’re involved with a local co-op that meets Friday mornings and we have a lot of fun with that.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on a new project: putting my grandpa’s record collection into digital form. If you’re interested in 1940s music and radio programs or vintage audio gear, make sure to check out my blog, Grandpa’s iPod.

We’ve been freezing through the cold spell that “gripped the south,” as they say in the weather reports. Today it was finally back to about normal. Houses down here just aren’t made to keep out the cold. Even with the thermostat set at 71 (unheard of for us back in Michigan!) the first floor of our house must have been well below 65 degrees for days and days.  The girls were amazed to even see ice on the ground a few mornings. I think we’re going to be in for a rude awakening when we visit Michigan in February!

Which reminds me, we’d love to see as many people as we can while we’re up there. We haven’t nailed the exact dates down yet, but we should arrive somewhere around the 12th of February and probably will stay until around the end of the month. We’ll be in touch!

Happy New Year

Put Back Those Whiskers, I Know You
Ogden Nash

There is one fault that I must find with the twentieth century,
And I'll put it in a couple of words: Too adventury.
What I'd like would be some nice dull monotony
If anyone's gotony.
People have gone on for years looking forward hopefully to the
     beginning of every fresh anno Domini,
Full of more hopes than there are grits in hominy,
Because it is their guess that the Old Year has been so bad that
     the New Year cannot help being an improvement, and may I
     say that they would never make a living as guessers,
Because what happens, why the New Year simply combines and
     elaborates on the worst features of its predecessors.
Well, I know what the matter is, it stands out as clear as a
     chord in a symphony of Sibelius's,
The matter is that our recent New Years haven't been New Years
     at all, they have just been the same Old Year, probably
     1914 or something, under a lot of different aliases.
In my eagerness to encounter a New Year I stand ahead of most,
But only if it's a true New Year, not if it's merely the same Old Year
     with its beard shaved off and wearing a diaper labeled New Year
     just to get on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post,
Because there are few spectacles less convincing or more untidy
Than 1914 or something in a didy.
I am in favor of honesty as well as gluttony,
And I don't want a second-hand or repossessed January first any
     more than I want my spring lamb leathery and muttony.
Well anyhow, come on New Year, I may not be able to paint as
     capably as Rembrandt or Dali or El Greco,
But if you are a true New Year I can shout Happy True
     New Year everybody! quicker than Little Sir Echo.

FL Kids

Bethany asked me this morning if it’s going to be a beautiful day. I told her that it’s going to be hot again today, but it should be the last hot day. A cold front is coming through tomorrow. Her response: “What’s a cold front?”

Love it.