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Baby steps

Every day, every week, more things get crossed off the “to-do” list. This week all three kids had both dentist and doctor appointments. I had bloodwork done for my checkup next week. We’ve signed with a property manager. And all this is on top of finishing the motorcycle safety class last weekend (which was more fun than I expected).

I also got together with my church’s homeschooling mamas group for what will probably be my last time. These ladies have been a great source of encouragement to me, even though I don’t see them all that often.

I’m getting things sorted out for our big garage sale next weekend (April 7) and boxing up keepsakes to be taken to family’s basements for storage. There’s still so much to be done, but we’re making progress.

New day, same old city

This weekend, a big step toward our move to Chiang Mai: Tim and I are taking a motorcycle safety class. To be honest, I’m really nervous about this. My motorcycling experience is limited to time spent on the back of my dad’s touring bike over the years. That’s loads of fun, but hasn’t exactly taught me anything about how to ride on my own. I hope I don’t do anything catastrophic.

We already have a motorcycle waiting for us in Chiang Mai, a Honda Wave 110. I was hoping for a scooter (which I find a lot less scary), but Tim’s happy to have a real bike. He’ll be doing the vast majority of the riding anyway. We’ll be getting a car which will be my primary transportation. But still, we thought it was important for me to know how to ride safely for the once-in-a-while that I will be riding.

Can’t you just picture me on one of these? 

The girls will be spending the weekend with my parents at their place in Tampa. I’m not sure what’s in the plans other than possibly some pool time and church on Sunday. But I’m sure they’ll all have fun together. There won’t be many more opportunities like this.

Oh, by the way… welcome to our new blog.

Every day the goal is to cross one or two more things off the list.

Every day the goal is to cross one or two more things off the list.

The stuff that has to be done before we move is getting shorter but there is still so much more! We’re heading up to Michigan this week for a conference and we’ll stop off in St Louis on the way to drop of some furniture and other things with Lisa’s sister.

I really hope that Detroit get’s back to the mild weather that they have had until the last few days. I have a race a few days after we get back so I really don’t want to interrupt my running in any way, certainly not be sidelined by snow!

My training has been pretty awesome even with all of the move stuff happening. Just a couple more months and three more races till we leave and at that point who knows. There isn’t really a running culture in Thailand and next to no races. Perhaps I’ll transition to focusing more on the bike.

I haven’t had much time…

I haven’t had much time in the last couple of weeks between Christmas, New Year, and all of the stuff for playing with and mixing The Anthem Archive. Add on top of that all that is happening to prepare for the move and it’s been too much to write about!

So preparations are going well. I painted a bathroom which just leaves one more bathroom and a bedroom to go. I can’t believe those rooms have sat unpainted for over five years! Nothing like needing to rent your house to focus you on getting all the odd jobs done.

Lisa has been photographing everything so that we can post everything that is for sale, and since it really is just about everything, it’s a lot of photos! Not to mention a lot of cleaning and cataloging.

We have pretty much decided that we will not do any cross cultural training here in the States before we go, but we will try to get in a program there. This means that we will be able to move in June. Working back from that we will need to go to Detroit one last time before we leave, so we should be in Michigan the end of May. Working back from that it means we only have about 18 weeks or so to go! Yikes!

One last thing. I’m hoping that I’ll get to go to Chiang Mai for 7-10 days in early March to tag along on some meetings. This will help me meet some people and get acclimated to some of the work I will be doing. It will also be nice to just look around although there won’t be much time for that. It would still make the move just a tad less scary having actually visited first.

I hate to have to sell it after 24 …

I hate to have to sell it after 24 years of faithful service, but i can't exactly move it to Thailand with me