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Some music from my church band

Imogen Heap remix

Imogen Heap made some leftover vocal tracks available for anyone to remix. It sounded fun and her voice is pretty awesome. I knew that most people would record some instrument loops and make it into the pop tune that it was intended to become. So I didn’t!

One of the lines is “It’s all in the process”, so I took that as my guidepost and only edited and mixed using functions in the “process” menu in Cubase. So there are no loops/delays/reverbs/EQs/VSTs/MIDI instruments or triggering. No quantization…nothing except hundreds of individual edits.

That being said…now that I’m done I’d like to go back to square one and plan it out a bit better. there are a couple sections that I’d like to tighten up or cut to keep things moving forward a bit better.

But it was an experiment in doing something a bit experimental and a fun use of a couple hours.
Oh, and apologies for the bad sound quality of youtube. It really mangles it but what can you do.

God Of This City

This is why we love our church.


That’s the live audio from the Summit band behind the video, just the way it was that Sunday.

"Jingle Jam" at Summit Church

Our girls sang with their classes for the kids’ program at church on Christmas eve. It was especially fun since our good friends, Madeline and Annalise, were in the same group as Micah and Ellie. Annalise was really into it (she’s two to the left of Micah, in the dark jumper with a white ribbon around the waist); Micah was bored; Madeline and Ellie… well, just watch.

Another reason to like Bach

Did you know that Johann Sebastian Bach had a serious coffee habit? The current issue of Christian History & Biography magazine has an article about him that speaks of his caffeine addiction. As I think about it, it totally makes sense. Caffeine and counterpoint… of course! And those inventions and fugues sure can benefit from a little extra kick!

Bach actually wrote a piece called “Coffee Cantata.” Yes, for real! The story is about a girl who loves her coffee so much that her father fears she won’t be able to find a husband. But the girl doesn’t care–she just wants her cup o’ joe! My favorite line:

If I can’t drink my bowl of coffee three times daily,
then in my torment I will shrivel up like a piece of roast goat.

Now there’s a girl who’s serious about her coffee! The story does have a happy ending, though. Lieschen promises her father that she’ll give up coffee so that she can find a husband, then has a clause written into her marriage contract permitting her to make coffee whenever she wants. Way to go, Lieschen!

To see the full lyrics, visit In the meantime, remember:

A cat won’t stop from catching mice,
and maidens remain faithful to their coffee.
The mother holds her coffee dear, the grandmother drank it also,
who can thus rebuke the daughters!

I think I’ll go practice piano now. After I finish my coffee!