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Relevant Magazine

The OaKs have a nice interview in Relevant Magazine that was just posted. You can read it here

The OaKs next gig

Pictures from the gig

The gig at the AKA went great! A fun time was had by all and things held together musically very well. Can’t wait for the next show in Lakeland on Dec 21 at Lillian’s.

That’s me with my accordion and Jeremy Siegel playing mandolin. Jeremy is also the bass player (the best I’ve played with!)

Rachel Schalm (vocals, bells, melodica and percussion) sat in for her sister Naomi who was out of town.

Greg Willson just moved to Orlando 4 months ago. Little did he know that he’d be onstage with the OaKs so soon.

Matt Antolick = serious groove! Just so you know, Matt’s “day” job is drumming for Mo’Rockin the Moroccan band at Epcot and for the Irish band (along with Jeremy) at Universal. We have a pretty sweet rhythm section happening.

Ryan Costello leads us all. I think we’re all pretty glad to have the first one under our belts. If you’re in central Florida be sure to keep up to date with our live shows. Here’s our Myspace page that has the latest happenings

The buzz is growing


I’ve kind of kept it under wraps that I’m in a band. I’m pretty geeked (that is to say I’m right chuffed for all you England readers). Anyway, I’m playing keys as well as a bunch of other instruments with The OaKs. We’ve been getting good press coverage in several indy music blogs and getting a bit of college radio play as well.

Today there was a nice story in the Orlando Sentinel about the band and a show we have this week at the Anti Pop music festival here in Orlando. The story has a couple of factual errors (I don’t play harmonica!) but then every story has a couple of errors.

I’ll post some pictures from the show later this week if I get any.