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Greetings From Bucharest!

We made it and so did all of our gear! After meeting our translator and her friend at the airport we stuffed the four of us and all our gear into her little Dacia (we had to sit on some of the luggage the car is so small!) and headed to our hotel. We checked in and then went out to dinner. I had Romanian trout (the whole thing, head included) and John had some tasty cabbage rolls. We were in bed at 10:00, which was 3 pm Orlando time but we both went to sleep right away. I woke up this morning at 6:30 so it looks like I’m already adjusted and won’t have any jet lag.

We are going to go to the office this morning to check it out and then we’re going to our translators church.

Bucharest is very crowded and grey. All the buildings are the same unpainted concrete. I don’t dare walk out of the hotel and make a turn on any street since they all meander around and look totally identical. The good thing is that if I take a left out of our hotel it’s a ten minute walk to the People’s House without making any turns. So if I go out for a run I can go that way and make a loop around the second largest building in the world! (photo from Wikipedia)

The People's House