Random thoughts

I haven’t blogged for a while because I never feel like I have enough to say about any one thing. So here are some random thoughts about unrelated topics.


Our computer has been running really hot and slow for quite a while. It finally dawned on us this morning that it might be dusty inside, blocking the fans. It’s a notebook computer that we’ve had for almost 2 years and have never cleaned or otherwise serviced. Tim opened it up and found the exhaust vent and “radiator” completed blocked with about 1/8 inch of dust. Now, post-cleaning, I’m no longer frying my fingers on the keyboard, and the fan isn’t running on overdrive all the time. Much better!

Tim and I both love coffee-shop coffee. Good, strong, bold stuff. We’ve found we can make a close-enough approximation of the coffee at home, which is much easier on the budget than going out for it. But we missed the extra flavor that the “raw sugar” at the coffee-shop adds. I looked at picking up some raw sugar at the supermarket, but was shocked by the price. So I was happy to make the discovery that putting brown sugar in my coffee adds that same bit of flavor as the raw sugar, without the high price. Yummy!

I like keeping outgrown or not-yet-grown-into kids’ clothes in those big Rubbermaid totes, but am always annoyed when I can’t see what’s inside. My solution was to pick up a couple of the clear plastic sleeves that you use for the address label for overnight letters, and stick them to the outside of the tote. Then I can slip a paper into it with the contents written on it. It’s easy to swap out the paper as I change the contents of the box, and the sleeve is resealable. Works great!

Almost time for the Memorial Day parade now (aka the candy-chasing fest). More random thoughts later!