good bye OPC band

Yesterday was my last time to play with the band at Oak Pointe . I was prepared to feel a bit emotional playing for the last time with all my friends. So how was it? Here’s an email conversation I had with my friend Lindsey about just that…

L: Were there any neat moments for you?

Me: Yeah, like maybe bawling my head off like a little girl halfway through the set during second service. That’s when it’s good not to be singing or playing a wind instrument. I did learn something new; you can still keep a groove if you’re crying and playing bass! Thank God I had the songs memorized 😉

L:What a bittersweet morning for you, huh? :o( I would’ve been bawling my head off, too. And kudos to you for crying “like a little girl” in front of 700 people and holding your head high.

Me: Well I mostly looked down at the kick drum to keep me locked in!

We’re really going to miss every one at OPC.
11 more days until we load the truck!