Things kids say

“I can’t hold my ears on, I’m so excited!” –Bethany, this morning, when learning that we’re going to Downtown Disney (her first Disney experience of any kind)

Back in July when we were moving, the kids and I stayed with my parents for a few days while Tim drove all our stuff down here. We had told the kids that we’d be flying in an airplane to daddy (they’ve flown several times before, so it wasn’t a new experience). When we were ready to leave the house for the airport, we told the kids it was time to go. Micah raced to the front window, looked out and said in a very disappointed and confused way, “But there’s no airplane here!” Once we explained that the planes can’t come to our house but that we were going to the airport, she was okay with that. At the airport, we had lunch then headed for the gate. Once we got near the gate and could see out the window, she got very excited and called out, “I found the airplane! I found the airplane!”

Tim overheard Ellie and Micah at the breakfast table one morning debating whether Ferraris come in green (as Ellie thought) or just in yellow or red (as Micah thought). It was a very proud moment for Daddy.