Ever have one of those days?

I’ve never read or seen Lemony Snicket, but “A Series of Unfortunate Events” would certainly describe my day today. The girls have actually been really good, especially considering the circumstances.

I went grocery shopping with the kids today. They promised to be good, knowing that a cookie at Publix would await them at the end if they behaved. So the plan was, first a quick stop at Walgreens, then on to Sam’s Club on Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) near the 528 and Florida Turnpike, then to Publix, then home again. We left a little before 10:30. I thought we’d be back in time for a late lunch, or maybe get lunch out and then be back for naps.

The stop at Walgreens was no problem–in and out, girls behaved fine. Next stop, Sam’s. I screwed up at the confusing 528/OBT/Turnpike interchange and ended up on the ramp to the turnpike. I had to make a split second decision: north or south? I went south, knowing that there wasn’t an exit to the north until after I-4, plus there was no toll to get on southbound. The next exit turned out to be over 5 miles away, Osceola Parkway. Not great, but at least it’s not Miami. We were all in good spirits, though, and I kept telling the girls it was an adventure. I told them maybe we’d get ice cream later if they could still be really good.

So after the extra mileage we finally get to Sam’s. The girls are still being great. I do my shopping pretty quickly: chicken, milk, frozen salmon, waffles, frozen beans, cheese and a few other things. By now it’s nearly noon so we had a pizza lunch there, which the girls loved. I thought about running the groceries out to the car before eating and putting them in the cooler bags, but I decided it would be no worse to keep them in a/c for a few extra minutes than to put them in hot cooler bags and leave them in a hot car for that time.

So we finished our pizza and headed to the car. And there in the car, on the seat, were my keys. Yes, I locked them in the car, something I haven’t done in many years. Too bad I hadn’t gone out before eating, we could have been waiting for help while we ate. Oh well. I told the girls that our adventure was continuing. We went back in and I called AAA. When I asked the dispatcher how long it would be, she said that the system was showing 90 minutes. Yikes. I told her I had 3 little kids and a cartload of groceries, and she said she’d make a note on the call.

I decided to get them some ice cream to help pass the time while we waited. I set the girls down at a table (where I could keep an eye on them) while I got in line. As I watched, Ellie went to sit down on the bench and went over backwards, hitting her head on the bench behind her. I ran over, picked her up and checked her head. She was fine–I didn’t feel a lump or anything, but she was hysterical (she’s really tired by this point). After some ice to distract, and a nice woman offering to hold it on her head while I went back in line, I got their ice cream for them and everyone was happy again.

During this time the AAA driver called saying he thought he’d be there in under 30 minutes. Yay! But my cartload of food is getting pretty warm now. I tried to see about getting it put into a cooler, but couldn’t get any help at the customer service counter and went back to the kids at their table. The the AAA guy called again to say he was stopped by a stalled train. He was turning around to go another way, but it would be a bit longer. Great.

I loaded the girls into the cart with the food, ice cream and all, and went back to the service counter to see about getting the cart into a cooler again. (On the way, Micah dropped her ice cream and burst into tears. Fortunately she only lost a little, most stayed in the cup, so I was able to give it back to her and she was okay with that.) It took asking two different people before I got someone who said he said he would take care of it, and did. He took my cart to the cooler, I loaded the girls into an empty cart (still with their ice cream) and went outside to wait for AAA.

It was only a few more minutes before the guy came–what a relief. I got the kids loaded in and drove back up to the store to get my cart of groceries back. It took close to 5 minutes for someone to figure out what I was talking about and bring them out to me, but I finally got them loaded up and headed for home. The girls were disappointed that we couldn’t go to Publix now (no cookies), but accepted it like good little troupers. But the ride home was uneventful, and the food all still felt cool when I put it away, so hopefully it will be okay. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to go and finish my shopping, though. At least we’ve got some leftovers we can eat tonight.

On the bright side, last night I went to a Jazzercise class and then out to dinner with a couple of friends, Kristina (who we trick or treated with) and Ingrid. It’s so great to finally be meeting some people. They both live in the neighborhood. Kristina and David and their two girls transferred here from Colorado, where David had been working in the regional office. Ingrid and her family are new here with three kids, just like us. We both were really excited to find someone in the exact same situation!

Here’s hoping for a normal day tomorrow!