We’ve Been Disney’d

Quite possibly the coolest photo I’ve ever taken

Despite Tim’s opposition to all things Disney (ironic we ended up in Orlando), we went to the Magic Kingdom yesterday. It was a very generous Christmas gift from his sister (thanks again, Heidi!) and we really had a good time. It was the five of us plus Heidi and Erik (brother-in-law), Ed (14 year old nephew), and Tim’s parents.

The kids held up remarkably well. We expected to need a mid-day break and had planned to go back to the condo where the others were staying. But thanks to a couple of borrowed strollers (thanks, Kristina) we lasted from around 9:30 a.m. until after 7:00 p.m. High points of the day: for Bethany, it was the Winnie the Pooh ride; for Ellie, the Flying Dumbo ride; for Micah, I think it was the carousel. Low point of the day: Ellie’s total and complete meltdown in “Mickey’s Philharmagic,” a 3D movie “experience.” It was really, really loud–far louder than necessary if you ask me–and she’s very sensitive to noise. She completely freaked out and screamed hysterically the entire time. We were in the middle of a 450-seat auditorium with no way out, so it was pretty unpleasant. Bethany liked it, though, and kept reaching out to try to touch the things coming at her from the screen. I think Tim’s high point was being picked to help with a performance…

Okay, so at least it was a high point for me to see it! My favorite moments were seeing the kids’ faces light up at all the different things, especially Bethany. She’s really at the perfect age for the Magic Kingdom and was in awe of just about everything.

It was fun to experience it all through the kids’ eyes, but I think next time (Grandma and Papa have also given a day at Disney for Christmas) we’ll try Epcot. Neither Tim nor I have been there and are really interested in seeing it. Any suggestions?