The fun of friends

Two of our friends wanted to have “date nights” tonight for anniversaries. It just happens that one couple’s anniversary is today and the other’s is Sunday, so we’ve taken all the kids in for a few hours. Including our girls, there’s a grand total of 8 kids in our house right now–7 girls, one boy (poor little guy). The oldest girl is 7; the youngest is 2 (Toby, the little guy, is 3). So far there’s been a lot of dressing up and dancing to “princess” music. Toby’s been amusing himself with a toy electric guitar and just watching the girls. Next up: dinner. On the menu at Chez Cocking tonight is hot dogs, mac & cheese and carrot sticks. Ketchup and salad dressing for dipping is optional. Once everyone’s fed, it’ll be movie & popcorn time. I’m thinking Winnie the Pooh. Quite an elegant evening.

We’re so glad that we’ve made close friends here in our neighborhood. It’s been great getting to know these wonderful people.

Off to read “Fox in Socks” to Toby!

Dinner for eight

Movie time