video test

This is a test to see how to embed this video on a page. It’s The OaKs playing “Old Bones” and was a huge test for me to see if I could edit together a credible live video using Windows Movie Maker. Yes, Final Cut would have been easier!

Since it’s kind of hard to hear the words being a live performance, here they are…

Old Bones

in the valley is a grave
a thousand years alone
and the masses held their sway
from underneath the ground
I’d rest there everyday
as it fell on my route
in the shade
I’d lay in the grass
and imagine those
old bones

I searched the valley over
but no words remained
to hold the stories
whether noble or slave
I stacked up stones
to wall it in
and chased the wild dogs
nose to the ground for
old bones

one day came a trembling
like a great voice spoke
the ground pushed open
and bones rose
sinews stretched their fingers
muscle layered on
skin unrolled itself
and an army stood of
old bones