Heffalumps and…

This is an actual conversation that took place at the dinner table.

Tim: Micah, what was your favorite part of school today?

Micah: Painting!

Tim: What did you paint?

Lisa: her legs…

Micah: My legs, and a picture, and… and a picture on the weasel!

(stifled laughter)

Tim: It’s “easel”.

Micah: No! We have a weasel in my class! We do! We really do! I painted a picture on the weasel!

Lisa: No, no, it’s called an easel. A weasel is an animal.

Micah: What?

Lisa: It’s an animal, a small animal.

Micah: Oh, like in Winnie the Pooh, when he dreams he turns into a raccoon.

Tim: ????

Lisa: What?

Micah: In Winnie the Pooh, he dreams he turns into a raccoon!!

Lisa: No, that’s a woozle, not a raccoon. But woozle is a funny way of saying weasel.

Micah: Yes! a raccoon.

Lisa: No, a woozle. Which is like a weasel.

Tim: But is not like an easel.

My brain hurts.