Fay's gone. Whew.

We survived our first real tropical storm. We ended up getting about eight inches of rain, which seems like a lot until you consider the areas just southeast of us that got 33 inches. We had some wet carpet but no serious problems with the house. The kids missed two days of their first week of school–ironically, the days of better weather for us. The worst days, they were in school. School districts are county-wide here which means that the powers that be have a pretty wide area to consider when closing schools. Orange county has about the same area as Oakland county. Metro Detroiters, can you imagine if Ferndale schools had to close every time Holly schools had a snow day? That’s what they do down here. Crazy.

I saw some of the walking catfish for myself. Let me tell you, those things are freaky! I didn’t see them close up, though. I was driving home from a rehearsal at about 10:30 last Thursday night and came across a whole bunch of them in the road near our house. I didn’t come across them literally, though–I was able to dodge them. Running over a fish seemed like it could be really gross, not to mention slippery. If you don’t believe us about the walking catfish, watch this: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10ilc_CEW2k&NR=1[/youtube]

An interesting bit of trivia: Fay was the first tropical storm ever to affect every county in Florida. So there.

Now we’re watching the next system, currently called tropical depression seven (probably soon to be tropical storm Gustav). It’s too far out to track very accurately at this point, but forecasters are saying it could follow the same basic track as Fay did. Great.