A tough break

Earlier this summer, Tim signed up to be a part of the music team for the kids’ program at our church. He’s part of a team of singers for a production called Base Camp Live.  His part involves singing, dancing, jumping around and basically acting half his age. The program was off for the summer; last Friday night was a “sneak preview” event to show kids, parents and anyone else who wanted to come what was going to be happening when BCL resumes next week.

BCL has a fairly elaborate set. It’s a clubhouse with multiple entrances, multiple levels, and even a fire pole. But it’s not very big. There are also a lot of people in the production. During the opening number, I’m going to guess that there were around 20 people on this smallish stage. At one point, Tim had to run from one side of the stage, behind most of the other people, and over to the other side of the stage. In the crowd and confusion, he missed a step down from one level to another and fell hard on the side of his foot. I saw him go down, but he popped back up so quickly that I didn’t think anything of it. When he came out later (for two more songs), I thought his smile looked a little forced, but chalked it up to nerves or fatigue. After the show, he came limping out and told me what had happened, and that he spent the entire time backstage icing his foot (at least one of the other cast members is an EMT!).

Saturday morning I convinced him to go for an x-ray. Good thing, too–it’s fractured. The doctor at the urgent care place put a splint on him and told him to contact an orthopedist. He has an appointment tomorrow, but he’ll  probably be on crutches for 2-6 weeks.