While we’re in Michigan, the girls and I are staying with my mom for most of the time (Tim’s down at his parents’, closer to the people he’s meeting with). One really nice thing about this is that my mom is a morning person, a lot like Tim. I’m not. At home, Tim always gets the girls their breakfast and allows me to wake up slowly and not have to face any little people before I’m ready. My mom has been doing the same thing for me here.

I woke up a little early this morning, before the kids were allowed out of their room. At 7:00 (their time of emancipation), I overheard this on the monitor:

(door opening)

Micah: Gwamma’s not up!

Bethany: Is Daddy here?

Micah: No!

Bethany: Uh oh…

Micah: We have to wake somebody up! Somebody has to feed us bweakfwast or we’ll STARVE!

Bethany: We will NOT starve!

I love the fact that none of the girls asked if I was up or even mentioned the possibility. I have them trained well. 🙂