Update from Tim

Tim’s flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam has been delayed by more than 4 hours, which means he’s probably going to miss his connection from Amsterdam to Nairobi. The next flight to Nairobi isn’t for another 24 hours. He’s traveling in a group of five, so he’s not all on his own. If he does end up in Amsterdam for 24 hours he should have access to internet and will be able to post an update from there.

Edited to add: the flight was delayed due to mechanical problems. They made repairs, loaded the passengers, pushed back from the gate, and had the problem again. So they had to deplane and wait for more repairs. As of right now (7:30 EDT) the estimated departure is 6:45 pm CDT, with an estimated arrival in Amsterdam at 9:51 am. The flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi is scheduled for 10:15 am. Unless they get off on time or early and have some wicked strong tailwinds it doesn’t look good for them making the connection.

Edit #2: According to NWA’s website, the plane left the gate at 7:34 pm CDT but has not taken off yet (at 8:40 EDT), estimated arrival in Amsterdam of 10:40 am. Looks like they’ll be spending some time in the Netherlands.