Ain't no cure for the wintertime blues

Poor Micah’s getting homesick. She went out to play in the snow with her sisters this afternoon, but came back in after not very long. She looked dejected.

Once I got her out of her wet, snowy things I found out what the problem was: homesickness. I took her in my lap in front of the big picture window and we watched the falling snow. I tried to cheer her up:

Me:  Isn’t the falling snow pretty?

Micah: No. It just blends in with the sky and I don’t like the color of the sky here. It’s too dark. I want to see the sun.

Me:  Well, you could imagine we’re inside a snow globe. Isn’t that kind of fun?

Micah (with a “duh” tone of voice):  No. This is too big to be in a snowglobe. There can’t be houses and trees and things like that!

Me:  Sure there can, there could be a snowglobe with a little house in it…

Micah: Not with a door, and a window and everything!

Me: Okay… look at the tree across the street, next to the white van. The snow makes it look like it has cottonballs on it!

Micah: I’d call it a dirty van, not white. The snow just makes it look dirty.

Our conversation continued like that for a little longer, with me trying to cheer her up and her refusing to be cheered. I finally gave up. Gee, I wonder where she gets that attitude from?

We are looking forward to our last few days here and more time with friends and family, but we’re also looking forward to heading home this weekend.