Back in session

We’re working our way back in to school a little at a time. Last week we started with Spanish and art. Yesterday was what we called the official first day of school. Tim began math and science yesterday, and today they did their first experiment: learning about the scientific method. I did language arts with everyone yesterday, and Core and art today. I think Tim’s planning to follow his regular schedule now, but I’m going to keep alternating–LA one day, Core the next–for the next week or so, until I get the bugs worked out.

Yesterday’s LA took quite a bit longer than I had expected. I hope that I can get that tightened up a bit as time goes on. I’m still figuring out our new spelling program (All About Spelling), so that’s a bit time-consuming. The girls are doing great with Spanish so far. Of course, we’ve only covered one lesson but they’re enjoying it and asking for more. Art has been fun, too. Last week they did a group project with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Today they made designs with bent and curved lines. I think we have one more lesson on line before we move on to shape.