I nearly puked in the gym this morn…

I nearly puked in the gym this morning

It was a good run…so good I've felt the endorphins all day. Nothing like that to make me want to do it again!
1 – mile warmup
6 mile tempo @ 6:49 pace
1 mile @ goal 5K – 5:30

This is an evaluation run that Running times published :

Courtesy of Dr. Robert Chapman, founder of Team Indiana Elite

After your warm-up, begin with a 6-mile run at your 15K to half marathon race pace. Then jog for 2 to 3 minutes to a track or marked course and run 2K at your goal 5K pace. According to Coach Chapman, "When athletes can hit the goal time on the 2K portion, we feel confident that they have the aerobic fitness to race successfully. If not, then we extend the aerobic preparation phase a little longer."

6-mile threshold run
Short jog2K at goal 5K pace

So my last segment was only 1600 meters instead of 2000. I knew I was on the limit and didn't want to push that last little bit because I was indoors (
puking in grass is far less gross!). Anyway it gives me some confidence that I can hit my goals for this race season