Chiang Mai diary

Chiang Mai diary

I’m sitting in Starbucks while the van is in the shop in an attempt to get the vibrating tire sorted. I should not have gone with the cheapest Wal Mart tires! But it has 175,000 miles on it and I thought they would see it out to its eventual demise. But the van keeps chugging right along while the tires wobble about.

The reason that this has to get done is that we are now only about 6 months out from moving to Chiang Mai and I’m going to have to sell the van, which of course needs to be vibration fee in order for someone to plunk down money for it.

Six months!!! That is not a lot of time and the checklist is long. This was the only task ready to accomplish today however so here I sit.

We’ve all started learning Thai. Lisa and I are using Rosetta Stone and podcasts and other free tools we found. The girls are starting on the Thai equivalent of Dick and Jane. We found the Manee (that would be the name of Thai Jane) books online with vocab, pronunciation, audio, and other lessons. They apparently used these books in school for many, many years. It’s a pretty interesting script with 44 consonants and nearly as many vowels (which incidentally are placed to the left, right, above, and below the consonants). It’s a bit of slow going for the kids but we’re all making progress. The big thing is to at least be able to read signs, know some basic vocab and have a foundation for learning once we get there.

Lisa is back at the house sorting through odds and ends. She rightly noted that every single thing that we own has to be sorted. Every bit of furniture, article of clothing, electronic device, right down to pencils and crayons have to have a decision made about them: Sell it, throw it away, give it away, donate it, store it, take it.

Every. single. thing! Most will be sold, given away or donated. We hope to store very little (and only what the folks are willing to take) and take only what will fit in normal luggage that won’t get us extra bag fees. Not much is going.

So this Christmas comes with just a bit of trepidation. We don’t really want any stuff, because it most likely will have to be gone five months after Christmas. Just like us.