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Another M’ism

Another Micah-ism – Eating enchiladas…
E: Melissa (the girls’ friend) would like these.
Me: I don’t know…they’re not really Mexican food.
M : That’s OK she’s not from Mexico…she’s Colombian. She’s Hick Spanish!


M (after living with Chinese sister all of her eight years) just realized (and exclaimed loudly with GREAT delight) “OH MY GOODNESS…YOU’RE ASIAN. I have ASIAN SISTERS!!!”

How this escaped her till now I have absolutely no idea.

She never ceases to amuse

Micah, in the midst of her typical random rambling chatter:

M: Everyone has a birthday. Everyone has a birthday every weekend.

Me: No, you only have a birthday once a year–not every weekend!

M: When is my birthday, what number is it?

Me: You know your birthday! When’s your birthday?

M: August the 8th, but that’s already passed! When’s my next birthday after that?

Me: Not until next August…

M: ?

Me: Your birthday is only once a year, on the same day every year!

M: I did not know that!

Resisting temptation

Micah is not so good at impulse control. (Of course, what 5-year-old is?)  I scolded her after she took something from Bethany. She replied, “My bwain tells me to do things. I have to do what my bwain says!” I told her that when her bwain brain tells her to do things that she knows are wrong, she should pray and ask God to help her do the right things.

Bethany had a simpler plan, though: “Micah, you should never listen to your brain!” In Micah’s case, it might not be bad advice.

Micah's (mis)understanding of TV

Out of the blue, as usual:

“If I go into the screen I will l be on the TV.”

Thinks about it a little more…

“If I crash into the screen, and you fix it, and I’m stuck inside, then I will be on the TV!”